According to a recent survey, over 50% of everyone that has a tattoo wants it removed.

Cover My Tattoo remove my tattoo

Cover My Tattoo * Remove My Tattoo

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Fortunately, if you have a tattoo that you regret, you have 2 options.

  • Permanently remove your tattoo:  Your first option is to have a professional tattoo removal technician “take off” your tattoo.

  • Cover up your tattoo:  Your second option is tattoo concealment, which hides your tattoo for up to 5 days

First, we will explain Tattoo Removal…

TATTOO UNDO offers a new tattoo removal method that enables the removal of any tattoo in fewer treatments and less pain than laser.

IMPORTANT NEWS:  According to a current worldwide investigation that includes the EEC and FDA there has been analysis of the constituent ingredients in tattoo pigment that when exposed to laser irradiation can cause serious health risks.  What this means is that laser tattoo removal can create unforeseen health risks long after the tattoo removal process that you simply would not want to deal with. There is currently no data that can disprove highly undesirable systemic health effects of laser tattoo removal and in particular the long-term effects which may contribute to specific types of cancer.

We are Certified Tattoo Removal Technicians that have gone through an examination process to demonstrate our knowledge of tattoo removal.  We use Tattoo Vanish®, an all natural (no acid) product and process that will lighten and remove all colors of ink in tattoos or permanent cosmetics. The removal technique is similar to the tattooing process so there is no more risk than when receiving a tattoo.

Tattoo Vanish® benefits vs. Laser removal

  • All Natural: Unlike LASER, you can get tattooed over the healed removal area
  • Tattoo Lightening: Use Tattoo Vanish® to lighten the tattoo area for a “fresh canvas.”
  • Can take the gray/black out that LASER may leave in skin
  • Remove Permanent Makeup: Safely remove pigments in sensitive areas
  • Permanent Makeup Correction: Fix previous work or change color

Tattoo Vanish® is all natural product that does not contain acid or other harmful chemicals:

  • Tattoo Vanish® removes tattoos in 50-75% fewer treatments than LASER
  • Tattoo Vanish® is less expensive to the consumer because of the need for fewer treatments as compared to LASER removal
  • Tattoo Vanish® is less painful than when the tattoo was put on, where LASER is extremely painful.
  • Tattoo Vanish® removes ALL colors, where LASER cannot. LASER cannot remove greens, some yellows and some blues. If white was added to a color, to make it a different color, for example pink, lavender, lime or green, when touched by a LASER it will turn the pigment gray or black. Tattoo Vanish® can remove the gray, black or any other color, that LASER has left behind.

Before and After Photos

Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Tattoo Vanish® Work?
Anesthetic is applied before and during the procedure using the same method as that of tattooing. Then the “Ink Eraser” is applied to the area after. A few minutes later the area is thoroughly cleaned and bandaged. After-Care Instructions will be given to follow during the healing process.

Are there any complications?
During the FREE consultation, an evaluation of the skin is done. Certain risks of complications that may arise as a result from the procedure will be discussed at that time.

How painful are treatments?
Everyone’s tolerance for pain varies, but with Tattoo Vanish® the safety and comfort is of utmost importance. That is why an anesthetic is used before and during the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
There is no easy way to answer this because of a number of factors; the health of the individual, the amount of ink used, the depth of the ink, and the size of the tattoo. Small tattoos may require 1-3 treatments, Tattoo Vanish® will lighten or remove all colors. A FREE consultation can better determine and estimate the number of treatments needed. The procedure can be done the same day as your consultation. The pricing of multiple procedures can be done in a “package” which will reduce the cost.

How do I get started?
Please call us to set an appointment today and let Tattoo Undo rid you of that unwanted Tattoo!!!


hide my tattoo

Please, Hide My Tattoo

Now, we will explain Tattoo Concealment…

OK, You still love your tattoo, but need to cover it for a special event?


We now offer Paramedical Airbrush Tattoo Concealment. If you love your tattoo, but need to hide it for your wedding, call us at 269-281-1353.

Paramedical Airbrushing is waterproof, sweatproof, and lasts for days.

Airbrush FAQ

  1. What is Airbrush Concealment? Airbrushing is a patented paramedical application technique that utilizes compressed air through an “airbrush” with drops of waterproof pigment to spray on a fine mist of coverage. Most clients find the application technique rather soothing and since traditional brushes are not used during this technique you never have to worry about sanitation.
  2. How does it feel? Airbrush pigments are exceptionally lightweight. Most clients say they feel as if they aren’t even aware they were airbrushed.  As for the brides, their wedding photos look perfect.  They can sweat,  and they can dance without worrying about all of their wedding guests seeing their tattoos.  Everyone  notices the beauty of the bride, not the tattoo she got on her vacation last year.
  3. What are the benefits of airbrushing? Airbrush pigment provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving our clients a beautifully natural finished looking result. Airbrush pigment is waterproof and will last for up to several days.
  4. Does it cover tattoos, scars, etc? Yes, with a proprietary, patented “paramedical” airbrush pigment all skin imperfections including tattoos, scars, vitiligo, stretch marks, post-op surgery scars can be concealed.
  5. Is Airbrushing right for everyone? Airbrushing is suitable for people of all ages and every skin condition. The products are hypoallergenic and fragrance free.




6 Responses “According to a recent survey, over 506 of everyone that has a tattoo wants it removed.” →
  1. I am definitely interested in seeing if this works on my tattoo. It is rather large and has a lot of black and blue in it.

    • Black and blue inks shouldn’t be a problem. Call me at 269 281-1353 to schedule a free consultation. Thanks!
      Ann Cruz, Certified Tattoo Removal Technician


  2. Don Sass

    August 16, 2012

    I understand size is a factor, I have a small tattoo I would like removed. What is the cost of the removal proceedure?

    • Generally, a small tattoo about one square inch is $50 to $75 per session depending on the density of the ink. A 2″ x 2″ is $175 per session. 3″ x 3″ is $275 per session.

      I give discounts to people that want to get rid of tattoos on their hands or face, as tattoos on these areas often hinder employment eligibility.

      Thank you,


  3. do you have other locations other than IN? i live in missouri and am interested in this!

    • Tattoo Vanish Certified Technician in Missouri:

      Tattoo Removal by Marla`s using the Tattoo Vanish Method. Call 660-232-0341 for FREE CONSULTATION or Email

      I 70 to Route D into Lexington. I 70 to Higginsville North to Lexington on Highway 13.

      Note: Marla’s pricing may be different than mine. Prices are set by the individual technicians.



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